January 15, 2019

I really think I should start weight lifting. Well, maybe not weight lifting, but some land exercise.

I know that my mom doesn’t want me to do them because then I’ll get distracted from swimming, but interval training is a part of exercise too.

Weight lifting will help me gain weight, which is what I need. If you remember my December 12, 2019 entry, I need to gain ten pounds in three months in order to get my G-tube out.

Ten pounds? That sounds really hard. How can I eat that much in three months?

Also, weight lifting would make me look better. Let’s be honest: I was cursed with the genes of ugly. In middle school I was given the name “chicken legs”. That was then, and this is now.

I’m determined to work hard for a better future. If that means pain, then bring it on. I’ve gone this far.

January 26, 2019

So today was my first lesson with a personal trainer. If you’re thinking: wait, don’t you already do swimming? Yes, I do. I also want to do training, and you can read about that in my January 15, 2019 journal entry.

First he took my body composition. I stepped on some balancing board and it took my body composition.

Then he talked about what my goals were. I have three goals:

  • Weight gain
  • More muscle
  • Better strength

He said more muscle was such a boy thing to do. Lol, it is.

I told him my restricted areas were my legs and chest. The legs because of my leg pains and chest because of my scar.

He said we would definitely avoid my chest, but told me we should still exercise my legs. I was unsure, but he said the legs are unavoidable.

We didn’t really do anything today.  He introduced me to the TRX machine and modified treadmill. It was pretty easy.

The schedule is to meet every two weeks on Saturday. He’s busy every other Saturday, so it gives me time to rest.

So far, so good.

February 9, 2019

Today I had another personal training lesson, and boy, we worked hard! It was a lot more than last week.

I didn’t do anything to practice since there wasn’t a lot to practice, so I did kind of horribly today.

Compared to January 26, 2019, we worked a lot harder. First we started with lunges, which killed me. Then I did jump squats, which was super hard with my already weak knees.

I swear my heartbeat raised to 150. My heart was working so hard that I could hear it, similar to the heart pounding sensation I experienced right after transplant.

My personal trainer taught me an exercise to do with a ball, some more exercises on the TRX machine, and how to use my core. My core is really bad, so I hope we don’t focus too much on it.

March 2, 2019

Today I had another personal trainer lesson.

We started off with lunges. He complimented my lunges, saying that they’re better. He said, “I can see you worked on them.”

He’s right, I have been working on my lunges. When I came to practice, I completely forget everything we did two weeks ago and only remembered the lunges. So for four days I worked on just lunges.

Then it was jumpsquates. Then lunges. I repeated this process three times before I stopped to do push ups and core exercises. My core is really bad. After that we repeated that process again.

Today’s workout was probably the hardest workout ever. It has to due with the fact since it’s a lot of high intensity cardio. My heart was pounding so hard that I could hear it. I wonder if this is normal?

March 16, 2019

Today I had another personal training lesson.

We started off with some high legs, but then it turned into lunges and jump squats. The cardio became too much and I had to rest a lot.

Then, something dreadful happened. Someone said, “Hi.” I looked up and saw my biomedical science teacher.

Our relationship is tense after something I can’t tell you about. It was VERY awkward seeing him at the gym, especially when I’m at my weakest point.

He asked me if I was okay after seeing me out of breath. I said “Yeah,” but I really wanted to say, “I never give up,” but the point was probably mute.

My trainer taught me how to use a pull up machine that took a portion of my weight away. The more weight you add onto the machine, the easier it is for you.

He also taught me how to use some machines to help me stretch. That way I could work on my flexibility.

My core is really bad. I have almost no core strength. We focused on exercising my core today, but I couldn’t do it. Whenever I tried to do a sit up, my back just hurt instead.

My personal trainer thinks I spend too much time sitting down, so he recommended for me to stand every thirty minutes.

I was so sore after the workout. It was a good workout, but it was intense.

March 30, 2019

Today I had another personal training lesson.

I was kinda sick this week so I didn’t do any land exercise, aka I didn’t do any of my homework.

Of course, the exercise was painful. It’s okay though because it wasn’t as bad as March 2, 2019. Plus, pain is required for exercise.

The hardest part of personal training is that they always push you, so you don’t have time to rest. That’s why I feel better exercising on my own, and I get to listen to music.

After jump squats and lunges, I’m sore so I don’t perform well with other stuff. Oh well.


Honestly, I’m trash at push ups. Today we focused on push ups and I was so bad that we had to modify it by putting my knees on the ground. Lol.

The most fun part was doing this kung fu, martial art, butt squat thing. That was a fun exercise.

My Mom picked me up from the gym after my lesson. She’s training for another triathlon, so she couldn’t send me to the gym.

I bought some food from the gym: Toni’s high performance hot protein meal bowl (glorified oatmeal) and a banana muffin. Turns out the banana muffin had walnuts, and I’m allergic to walnuts.

I really shouldn’t call it an allergy, it’s more like a sensitivity. All walnuts do is give me Kylie Jenner lips, which is actually kinda cool.

Maybe it’s a blessing? 🤔 Many girls would kill for this.

Anyways, I shouldn’t have ate that banana muffin because I felt a little bad for the next few hours. I don’t use an EpiPen because I don’t need it.

May 11, 2019 – Personal Training Lesson

Today I had another personal training session. And it was a lot easier than all the others before.

I think it’s because he took it easier on me. We didn’t do as much cario today as we did before. That cardio always gets me.

I know I should be primarily focusing on cardio, but about half of my exercise is cardio. And even that is just TOO much.

He showed me a lot of new exercises to do, even though I know I’ll forget most of them tomorrow.