How To Be An Organ Donor

Why should I be an organ donor?

According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, 7,452 people die in the United States every day.. Yet 22 people die per day waiting for an organ.

For many people with chronic illnesses, an organ is the difference between life and death. Your inconvenience of a few clicks could save a life.

About half the population in the United States are organ donors. And that’s awesome! But if everyone in the United States was an organ donor, no one would die waiting for an organ.

Everyone in this world wants to make a difference. No matter what age you are, I can bet you that at one point in your life you said, “I want to change the world!”

You can change the world by being an organ donor. In fact, being an organ donor is selfless, noble, and brave. The one person that does get your organ will always admire you in a good light, no matter what you did in your past.

That actually takes me to my next point. Death is something we will all experience, and we are not immune to it. If you die, being an organ donor is a way to continue your legacy,

A lot of organ recipients call their transplant date their “second birthday”. Ironic, right? Death and birth are antonyms, yet they go hand in hand in organ donation.

If you choose to be an organ donor, you’re giving us a second chance at life.

We won’t waste it.

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