May 16, 2018

I went back home today.

Okay… so I’m not supposed to. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. The doctor’s specifically told me “Don’t go back home!” But I did anyways.

I’m not a rebel trying to break the rules or anything. I just want to go back home.

You read how miserable I was in the hospital. Now they want me to stay in a nearby housing facility for 3 months? No way.

When I was in the hospital in December, a doctor told me, “You heal faster at home.” He’s right. At home you’re more comfortable, so you automatically feel better.

After everything, I just want to find some comfort. I just want to snuggle in bed (although those hot & cold sensations might not allow) and watch some YouTube on my phone.

The reason I’m not supposed to go home is that in case of an emergency, I have to be close to the hospital. It’s been a day since I was discharged from the hospital, so maybe I should’ve waited a day or two. If there’s a time to have an emergency, it would be now.

ANYWAYS, I had no emergency today. At home, I snuggled and watched YouTube. I loved it. I don’t want to stay at the Ronald McDonald House, I want to stay at my house.

We went back to the Ronald McDonald House at night. My Mom took care of some stuff, and I grabbed some clothes.

May 19, 2018

I went to the hospital prom today.

The hospital prom is more of a “get together”. It’s way more PG than a High School prom.

The hospital school hosts the hospital prom. I’ve been going to the hospital school for the past month to do all my school make up work. They invited me, so might as well go.

The hospital prom was good. I can’t believe the 4 teachers from the hospital school organized this.

The outside of the cafeteria was decorated to create a jungle theme. We were given goodie bags when we entered and we used a sharpie to write our names in them. Inside the goodie bags were little toys.

There were snacks: sandwiches, chips, skewered chicken, jello, popcorn, and salad. There were also a lot of games: hoop toss, miniature basketball, the price is right, and many more. There was a DJ inside and a ukulele band inside.

They had a mini casino. There was blackjack, roulette, and poker. We had no idea how to play so we just watched.

The doctors also introduced me to another person from Pleasanton: an 8th grader who also had a heart transplant.

May 27, 2018

My Mom and I went home today.

We’re not supposed to go home. The doctors told me to always stay at the Ronald McDonald House because in case of an emergency, I need to be close to the hospital.

The thing is… I really hate the hospital and would feel way better at home. We’re not staying overnight! Only visiting. I don’t want to stay at the Ronald McDonald House, I want to stay at home. Home is where I want to be.

At home I stayed in my bed and watched TV. Now that’s comfortable. Although my hot and cold sensations might not be that comfortable (hot and cold = when I change sensations really fast).

For dinner I ate so much that my G-tube (Google it) started to hurt. If I stop using it for 6 months, I can permanently get it out.

At 10 PM, I had to leave and go back to the Ronald McDonald House. I wish I could stay at home forever.

July 25, 2018

Today I left Ronald McDonald house. It couldn’t be more bittersweet.

For one, the Ronald McDonald house was probably the happiest time of my life. I met a lot of people that I became friends with. They provided a network of support which is hard to leave. Everyday was also an adventure. I could walk across to the mall, get food from the common area, talk to people in the kitchen, or explore downtown Palo Alto.

On the other side, I’m glad to leave. I hate being in the hospital. Leaving means I’m healthy, and I want to be normal again. Even though I’ll have a hard time being “normal” again once school starts, I will be.

I’ll always remember my time at the Ronald McDonald house. I’ve met so many people that had amazing stories. I’ll always keep them in my mind.

July 26, 2018

It’s weird being back at home. Being at the hospital sucked, but somehow I have nostalgia about it.

For one, I have my own room. I’m glad to have my own place to sleep and scroll through my room. Secondly, there’s no people around. At the Ronald McDonald House there were always people around in the kitchen or TV room. Thirdly, I have nothing to do. Unlike the Ronald McDonald House, Pleasanton’s downtown or mall isn’t walking distance away. Instead I just play games on my phone or watch The Office.