Currently, there is no link to buy Justin’s Hearty Recipes. I’m avidly working with the Make-A-Wish team to release the cookbook soon, but it might take a while. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

However, if you contact me it would be an honor to mail you a book.

What is the cookbook?

Justin’s Hearty Recipes is a collection of recipes Victoria, the chef, and I worked on. The recipes are especially designed for patients who have underwent organ transplants, but also for patients with heart conditions or chronic illnesses.

Why was the cookbook created?

Justin’s Hearty Recipes was created because after my heart transplant I was determined to stay healthy. Eating healthy crucial towards health, so I decided a cookbook would help me in that aspect.

Why is it named Justin’s Hearty Recipes?

It has Justin in it because that’s my name. I decided to call the recipes hearty” because I wanted a way to include heart, and to emphasize that a heart transplant would always be an important part of my life.

Who sponsored the cookbook?

Make-A-Wish sponsored the cookbook. Make-A-Wish grants “wishes” for children with chronic illnesses, and I was eligible for a wish. Thanks to them, I was able to create these recipes.

Visit April 30, 2019 to hear about the amazing release of Justin’s Hearty Recipes.

Here is my favorite recipe from the cookbook: Pancit. Pancit is a Filipino style stir fried noodle, and they’re tossed with soy sauce, vegetables, and a protein. I loved Pancit so much I featured it at my cookbook release.


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