March 30, 2019

Today I had another personal training lesson.

I was kinda sick this week so I didn’t do any land exercise, aka I didn’t do any of my homework.

Of course, the exercise was painful. It’s okay though because it wasn’t as bad as March 2, 2019. Plus, pain is required for exercise.

The hardest part of personal training is that they always push you, so you don’t have time to rest. That’s why I feel better exercising on my own, and I get to listen to music.

After jump squats and lunges, I’m sore so I don’t perform well with other stuff. Oh well.


Honestly, I’m trash at push ups. Today we focused on push ups and I was so bad that we had to modify it by putting my knees on the ground. Lol.

The most fun part was doing this kung fu, martial art, butt squat thing. That was a fun exercise.

My Mom picked me up from the gym after my lesson. She’s training for another triathlon, so she couldn’t send me to the gym.

I bought some food from the gym: Toni’s high performance hot protein meal bowl (glorified oatmeal) and a banana muffin. Turns out the banana muffin had walnuts, and I’m allergic to walnuts.

I really shouldn’t call it an allergy, it’s more like a sensitivity. All walnuts do is give me Kylie Jenner lips, which is actually kinda cool.

Maybe it’s a blessing? 🤔 Many girls would kill for this.

Anyways, I shouldn’t have ate that banana muffin because I felt a little bad for the next few hours. I don’t use an EpiPen because I don’t need it.

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