March 16, 2019

Today I had another personal training lesson.

We started off with some high legs, but then it turned into lunges and jump squats. The cardio became too much and I had to rest a lot.

Then, something dreadful happened. Someone said, “Hi.” I looked up and saw my biomedical science teacher.

Our relationship is tense after something I can’t tell you about. It was VERY awkward seeing him at the gym, especially when I’m at my weakest point.

He asked me if I was okay after seeing me out of breath. I said “Yeah,” but I really wanted to say, “I never give up,” but the point was probably mute.

My trainer taught me how to use a pull up machine that took a portion of my weight away. The more weight you add onto the machine, the easier it is for you.

He also taught me how to use some machines to help me stretch. That way I could work on my flexibility.

My core is really bad. I have almost no core strength. We focused on exercising my core today, but I couldn’t do it. Whenever I tried to do a sit up, my back just hurt instead.

My personal trainer thinks I spend too much time sitting down, so he recommended for me to stand every thirty minutes.

I was so sore after the workout. It was a good workout, but it was intense.

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