December 10, 2018

Today I had an orthodontist appointment. I didn’t need to take antibiotics for the orthodontist like before since I’m already 6 months post transplant.

I also had a swimming lesson. Reflecting back to before transplant, I’m so glad to be able to actually exercise. Doing sports is awesome, even if I’m really bad at it.

January 28, 2019

Today I had another orthodontist appointment. My last one was December 10, 2018. I didn’t have to take antibiotics then, and I don’t have to take them now.

My teeth felt a bit sore, but they’ll get very sore tomorrow. Guess I’ll be eating soup for the next week.

April 5, 2019

Today sucks.

I had another orthodontist appointment today, and they put a rubber band in my mouth.


This is what it looks like:

This is absolutely social suicide.

I have to go to school and what will people think? “Why does he always cover his mouth when he speaks?”

I have to talk all the time. When I get up to do presentations, when I contribute to the class discussion, or when I work in groups. I always have to talk.

Also, it’s crazy! I haven’t seen anyone else with a rubber band in their mouth.

They say my bite is off, which is, wow, great.

I really want this rubber band out!

The manual says “wear it 24/7” and only take it off during “eating and brushing”. So that means I’ll have to replace it in school.


May 10, 2019 – Braces Off

Today I got my braces off.

Finally. I was worried about my braces for the longest time because I wore them for three, heading towards four years when they’re normally worn for two.

My mouth was very weirdly shaped before my braces, which is why I had to have them on for so long.

I always complain about them after every tightening because they hurt so much. But now they’re gone! Gooooooonneeeeee.

Another great thing is that flossing will be a lot easier. 

Also, can I say that I feel gorgeous now? I feel like the after picture in those movie makeovers.

example picture

May 13, 2019 – Retainer

Today I got my retainer. 

And it hurts. It’s a cold hunk of plastic pressing against my teeth. Not only did it hurt, but it also made me gag.

Geez, how uncomfortable can this retainer be?

I have the urge to take it out, constantly. It also makes me speak funny, so that’ll be great in school.

They told me how to take care of my retainer. First, I have to wear the retainer all the time and only take it out for eating or brushing my teeth/flossing. Secondly, I have to clean the retainer in a solution with a pill.

I don’t think I can wear this retainer all the time. 

May 16, 2019 – Retainer

Yeah, so I’m still not wearing my retainer. 

I’ve decided to wear it during the night.

It’s just, wearing it during the day is so hard. I talk so funny with it on. I tried to do class discussions  in English with it on, but it didn’t work out.

Also, I can’t rinse my retainer at school. Before I put it in its case, I have to rinse my retainer. And I have to take out my retainer every time before I eat. So it’s such a hassle.