January 26, 2019

So today was my first lesson with a personal trainer. If you’re thinking: wait, don’t you already do swimming? Yes, I do. I also want to do training, and you can read about that in my January 15, 2019 journal entry.

First he took my body composition. I stepped on some balancing board and it took my body composition.

Then he talked about what my goals were. I have three goals:

  • Weight gain
  • More muscle
  • Better strength

He said more muscle was such a boy thing to do. Lol, it is.

I told him my restricted areas were my legs and chest. The legs because of my leg pains and chest because of my scar.

He said we would definitely avoid my chest, but told me we should still exercise my legs. I was unsure, but he said the legs are unavoidable.

We didn’t really do anything today.  He introduced me to the TRX machine and modified treadmill. It was pretty easy.

The schedule is to meet every two weeks on Saturday. He’s busy every other Saturday, so it gives me time to rest.

So far, so good.

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