August 24, 2019 – Donor Network West Ambassador Training

Today I had my first official Donor Network West ambassador training. 

It’s been long overdue. We put it off for such a long time, and I think since June? Ever since the cookbook release, Cathy has been asking me to be an ambassador. An ambassador, according to Meghan, is just a fancy term for a volunteer (June 30, 2018). 

It was quite upsetting I had to wake up early on a Saturday instead of sleeping in, but it’s alright. 

I’m so proud of myself. I already knew a majority of what Anyanna said because I’ve been so involved with Donor Network West. 

Since only two people signed up, it was a webinar instead of a face-to-face meet and greet, but that’s fine. When the actual webinar started, there were actually more than two people. Cool!

I’m excited to be an ambassador. Now I have an official title! 🙌 I can put “Donor Network West Ambassador” on my business cards (I’m thinking of getting them). 

October 31, 2019 – Online Meeting

Today I had an online meeting with Megan and Simone. In case you don’t know, Megan is my fellow heart transplant recipient at the other school high school in Pleasanton. Simone from the American Heart Association is in charge of youth programs along the East Bay.

I had already arranged for a meeting with my vice-principal on November 5. I’ll finally be meeting Simone in person for the first time! Simone will be talking to vice-principal Norrington about the American Heart Challenge while I’ll just be there.

I was a couple of minutes late and didn’t realize that my sound was muted, not Zoom wasn’t working, but other than that it was fine. Megan had a lot of great questions about the American Heart Challenge, and it was so great to learn about it. Honestly, I don’t know much about it either, so it was much of a learning experience for me as it was for Megan.

I also asked Simone some questions I had. Yesterday my doctor told me that the American Heart Association would have a national conference in Philadelphia (and it’s super big! Bigger than the Make-A-Wish national conference) and that sounds awesome. She asked me to email Kelly, so I did that.