April 1, 2019 – Oncologist Appointment

When I came in to see my oncologist, he drank a jar of pee.

“April fools!” he shouted. “It’s actually Apple juice.”

I’m going to miss him. He’s going to retire on June 14, 2019. That means I’ll be switching oncologists.

Before you ask, I have an oncologist because I take a chemotherapy drug. Gleevec, the miracle drug used to treat my hypereosinophilic syndrome, is usually used for AML leukemia.

He had the idea to stop taking Gleevec at my last appointment (October 16, 2018).  

However, since Gleevec isn’t hurting me, there’s no reason to stop it now. Especially when my oncologist is in the middle of retiring, which I think is a good idea. 

Oh! I also introduced my blog to Kelly (my social worker when I was a child at Kaiser), and she said it was written beautifully. 

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