March 29, 2019

Today I had another doctor’s appointment at Lucile Packard.

I woke up early today to get my blood drawn at the nearby Kaiser. Yesterday I took my medication at 9 PM so I could draw my blood at 8:30 AM.

Once my blood was drawn, my Mom drove us to Stanford. My appointment was at 10:30, so we arrived just on time.

First is echo, then the EKG, and lastly clinic (checkup) with the doctors.

During the echo, I was watching Bones. Bones is so cliche, it hurts. Why is Finn the most stereotypical southern character ever?

Shucks, I haven’t seen this much ash since my family BBQ!

(roughly quoted) (while sifting cremated remains)

Lol, okay.

Anyways, after the echo was the EKG. The EKG was very short, as always, but easy.

We updated the doctor at clinic about everything, and they said I was doing great!

Then we went to eat at the hospital cafeteria:

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