October 16, 2018

Today I saw my oncologist/eosinophil doctor. He usually treats patients with cancer, but since the drug that controls my eosinophils is a chemotherapy drug, I’m under his care.

I also saw Kelly (pseudonym) today. Kelly was my social worker when I was a baby, because when I was a baby I was cared at Kaiser before being transferred to Stanford. She was so shocked to see me as a teenager! She even said I was handsome (I’m not but that was flattering). After hearing about my transplant, she said she didn’t know. Apparently it wasn’t written on my record, which was weird.

The doctor was also shocked to see me! He said “No way, you look so old!” He also didn’t know about the transplant, so it was obviously not on there. He said he wanted to try to stop Gleevec, the chemotherapy drug that controls my eosinophils, because my hypereosinophilic syndrome was gone. If I get off the drug, will the disease come back?

The doctor is retiring in 6 months, so we want to be sure to have the test trial before he retires. Another doctor that doesn’t know my history of my eosinophils probably won’t be as good as he is. The doctor will call my post transplant team at Stanford.

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