October 2, 2018

Today was the Pink Dot Club’s meeting. It was supposed to be dedicated to Nicole, but instead the club officers talked 90% of the time about a guy that got detention for criticizing his Honors English teacher.

Nicole was a beautiful girl that died at 10 (see September 20, 2018). For her entire 10 years, she has fought to be alive. Every year she had to be back in the hospital for another painful surgery. Club officers, do you even know, can you imagine, do you understand the pain? The pain that she and her family goes through? Her dad sold his restaurant chain to be with her daughter. Her mom always  with Nicole at her side. Her sister choose to stay with her instead of her grandparents. She said “I love Nicole, and I want to be with her.”

Club officers, that guy that got sent to detention because he confessed that he hated Ms. Hewitt or whatever has nothing to do with the club. Yet you spent more time on him than Nicole during the meeting that was supposed to be dedicated to her. Club officers, that guy is alive. He is breathing, he is eating, he isn’t in pain. Nicole is dead.

Club officers, I wonder how much you even care about your own club. Why are you officers of this club, when you can’t even dedicate a meeting without talking about your AP classes? Oh wait, I know! College! Club officers, you’re only here because you want to get into a good college. None of you care that a 10 year old girl is dead, you only care that it’ll look good on your college applications.

Nicole was in so much pain, she woke up screaming. She would curse and shout at the nurses until they put her back into a coma. Club officers, I hope that one day, you’ll realize how conceited you guys are. You guys do nothing to help those in the hospital. Oh my god “I made cards! I’m doing a dance vid for those in the hospital!” Except you’re doing that because you want to. None of you will actually go on a school day, skip your APs, and visit them in the hospital right?

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