October 2, 2018

I contacted Amy. (see August 24, 2018). It relates to my first day of school (August 13, 2018) question: How do I transition back to being normal?

Hi Amy, I am the 10th grader with the heart transplant.

I just wanted to ask you a personal question. How did you transition back into normal life after getting out of the hospital?

No one understands what I’ve been through. After I tell my classmates, all I get is “cool story” or “Wow! I didn’t know that” or “that’s awesome”.

I thought the Pink Dot Club (the transplant club at Foothill) would be different but it’s exactly the same. Even the club president cares more about her 4 AP classes than she does about the patients at Stanford and UCSF.

Sometimes I feel like I want to drop out of school. I don’t want to be surrounded by people talking about APs or Colleges or Test Answers or SATs. It makes me angry how everyone only cares about themselves: what grades they have, what classes they have, what friends they have!

Today, in the Pink Dot Club, we talked about a girl named Nicole who died waiting for a heart transplant. Except we talked about her for 1 minute. Only about half the club was listening. The next 20 minutes we talked about Honors English and the teacher for that class. Everyone was listening.

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