September 29, 2018

Today I cooked with Victoria, the chef granting my wish. Victoria’s son also came. He’s a marketing (or media?) major so he’s helping Make-A-Wish by documenting our cooking sessions. We made soba noodles and ramen today.

For the soba noodles, we boiled them in water for a short amount of time. Simultaneously we fried tofu with only little oil. After we drained the noodles, we mixed them with the tofu and added some sesame oil, grated garlic, soy sauce, and green onions.


For the ramen we boiled water with chicken and soy sauce to make broth. After about an hour, we mixed already cooked ramen with the broth. We shredded the chicken and added it on top of the ramen, along with tofu, red onion, and green onions.

Check Victoria out here:

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