Ji Feng Wei – Biography

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Ji Feng Wei is the father of Yang Wei, husband of Suzan Zhang, and grandfather of Justin Wang. In Chinese, his name translates to reach the highest, which already set high expectations for himself when he was born. As the second oldest son in a well off household, Ji Feng lived with his grandmother and mother in a large house.

Both his father and grandfather died in a Tsunami, which left his mother and grandmother in charge. As a result, his family was a matriarch. The Wei family became wealthy but with little power.

During World War 2, Ji Feng almost signed up for the military. He was a teenager and arrived home to see his mother.  However, his mother stopped him from signing up.

When Ji Feng graduated from High School, he went to the best University his province could offer, with a major in mathematics. Ji Feng went to marry Suzan Zhang, his classmate from college.

During the communist takeover of China, the government took the Wei family wealth. Ji Feng and Suzan went on to rebuild a new life together.

They were separated for a while when Suzan fled to the outskirts of China with their two children but reunited after several years apart.

Ji Feng loved his two children. Yang Wei, his youngest daughter, attended Tsinghua University in China, and eventually Cornell in the United States. When Yang settled in Colorado, he soon came after.

Ji Feng also loved Justin, his grandson. Justin loved sleeping on Ji Feng’s lap while Ji Feng read him children’s books. He was heartbroken to see Justin at the hospital.

On August 1, 2010, Ji Feng passed away. Yang Wei will always remember Ji Feng as her loving dad, Suzan Zhang as her caring husband, and Justin Wang as his strong grandfather.