Suzan Zhang – Biography

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Susan Zhang is the mother of Yang Wei, wife of Ji Feng Wei, and grandmother of Justin Wang. She also believes that health is the number one priority over everything else.

Suzan has accomplished many feats, overcame many stereotypes, and broke the glass ceiling as a woman in China.  She was the first in her family to be sent to school and was one of the smartest students in her school.

Originally promised to be a mayor, Suzan later took on the career as a teacher. She met her husband, Ji Feng Wei, at college where she studied Psychology.

Suzan had an undiagnosed blood condition (unrelated to Justin Wang) which severely affected her health. At age forty-five, she was bedridden and only expected to live for a few more weeks. Suzan proved her doctors wrong as she persevered through her health battles. For the rest of her life, health and exercise would be a large part of her life.

Suzan called her two children her “miracle children” because she was assumed infertile by her blood condition. When the communist revolution took place, she fled with her children to a distant city at the outskirts of China, and once almost lost her youngest child, Yang Wei, on a moving train.

When Yang Wei settled down in Colorado, Suzan soon came after. In Colorado, she was determined to follow her exercise routine. She went out of her house, saw the tallest building, and walked towards it. Suzan became a missing person for five hours until Yang’s friend spotted her in downtown.

Today Suzan Zhang is ninety-two years old. She not only proved her doctors wrong multiple times but also changed her life and her family’s life for the better. Suzan’s resilience regarded her as a true hero.