August 21, 2019 – Brayden Died

Brayden died? Brayden died.

I just heard of his death today. My mom told me in the car. But he didn’t die today, he died on November 7, 2018.

I had to scroll down on his Facebook page, Brayden’s Brave Heart, to find the date of his death, and it broke my heart. 

Even after his death, his Mom posts daily with pictures of Brayden and reminiscing about his time alive. And not only that, Brayden has impacted so many others. Did you know that they found a stone in Hawaii with #BraydensBraveHeart written on it?

I used Brayden in my YouTube video as an example of why you should donate. I made him a prime example of the success of organ donation.

All this time, I’ve been advocating that life will always be better after transplant. I’ve been doing that even though my doctors always emphasized “transplant is a treatment, not a cure.”

Brayden deserves better. He deserved to live.

He’s fought so hard to be alive. Why is life so unfair.

Brayden was always impacting lives. Even after death, he’ll be impacting lives. He’s impacted mine. 🙏

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