August 20, 2019 – Hi Mr. Lewin

Today I visited Mr. Lewin at his classroom after school. I wanted to check up — well, not check up. I shouldn’t say that. More like say “hello” and tell him I was doing fine.

He was excited to see me! And I was excited to see him.

I told him everything, well, everything except Tasty. I wanted to tell him later.

But I told him how I met Donor Network West, me speaking at Sonoma for Make-A-WIsh, and transplant camp. After I updated him about my summer, he said he was glad to see I was doing great.

Mr. Lewin told me I was glad I stopped by because he was thinking about me sporadically over the summer. Just yesterday, he was talking with someone about heart failure and he thought, “Oh wow, I know someone like him!”

I’m planning to see him a week later and tell him everything about Tasty. I can’t wait to see his reaction.

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