Michael Brice

General Questions

How old are you?


Where are you from?

Oakland, CA


What was your transplant?

heart and liver, received August 2, 2010

What was your condition that led to the transplant?

double outlet right ventricle

What was life like before transplant?

I tried to stay normal but it didn’t really work out. I tried to keep up with other kids but it didn’t work out.

How long did you wait for your transplant?

7 years (he was on the list since birth)

How was the road to recovery?

That took at least half of the year. I went in August and I couldn’t go home-home until Christmas.

What can you do now after transplant?

Everything except for contact sports.

What are you most excited about after being healthy?

Doing whatever you want – except for taking medicine. Other than that, life is great.


Do you know your donor?


Would you want to?

Yeah, totally.


Cause I want to meet the family that gave me a second chance at life.

What do you do now?

I’m a rapper and music producer.

What would you say to people considering to be an organ donor?

A lot of people really need this. It’s your choice. We’re not forcing you, we’re encouraging it.

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