Brandy Carew

General Questions

How old are you?


Where are you from?

Fresno, CA


What was your transplant?

kidney, received Nov 22, 2010

What was your condition that led to the transplant?

kidney failure, biliary atresia

What was life like before transplant?

My life was good. But on most days I was slowing down and trying to keep up with other kids but that sickness eventually go to me.

How long did you wait for your transplant?

at least a week

How was the road to recovery?

It was hard but it got a little bit easier every day. I went to the Ronald McDonald House but I had to go back to the hospital and my mom was freaking out. She almost passed out.

What can you do now after transplant?

Go out, have fun, be with my friends.

What are you most excited about after being healthy?

Just being free and not being sick.


Do you know your donor?


Would you like to meet your donor family?

Yes, I want to see how they’re coping and how they’re doing. He’s living, but through me.

What do you know about your donor?

He was male and 10-years-old. He was in a car crash and was on life support.

How is it having a boyfriend who also has a transplant?

It’s special that you share the same thing and know what each person is going through.

Do you support each other?


Yes, very much so.

In what way?

Emotionally, physically, mentally.

What would you say to people considering to be an organ donor?

Do it because not a lot of people have the chance to do it.

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