March 26, 2019

I’m sick.  

The thing is, I’m not really worried about it that much. I’ve been sick before (June 3, 2019), and nothing really happened. Also, I’m approaching the one year mark anyways, so I’m not extremely vulnerable to infections.

I might seem very chillax compared to my other journal entries (December 6, 2018), but that’s just the way it is boo. I’m an unpredictable person, hahaha.

I decided to not go to school today, but only because today is a useless day anyways. Today at school is a block schedule, which means a full day of nothing in each class.

I also swam today, but only for twenty minutes. I was kind of debating about it, since it is an outdoor pool and I swim at nine in the evening, but whatever. Exercise number one.

Tomorrow I might go to school, but my mom doesn’t want me to risk it. I might get even more contaminated, but I have two tests.

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