March 26, 2019

Tomorrow I’ll meet with my G-tube doctor, and he’ll decide if it’s time to pull the G-tube out.

I’m scared, because in the past I’ve never had a good experience with that doctor. Like, never.

The G-tube is something I rely on, and it’s been hard trying to quit. I’m sorry if I’m not chronically ill enough for your sympathy.

Also, thinking about March 24, 2019, I have to go through with this entire process in fifteen years. Do I even need to pull it out?

Once it’s out, it’s out. For good.

That means if I slack off on nutrition, or become sick enough that I can’t eat, the door is closed. Forever.

Or if I go through surgery to get it inserted again. 😰

Would it be better in the long run to not remove it? Geez, I don’t want to think about it.

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