March 7, 2019

Even though it’s Wednesday (and not Tuesday), the Pink Dot Club met today during lunch. There was a guest speaker, and we got to meet him.

His name is Rob Floss, and he had a heart and kidney transplant! That’s crazy, a double transplant!

I can’t imagine the pain he’s gone through. First a heart, then he goes under the knife again for a kidney.

He has type one diabetes. If you don’t know, type one diabetes is the type of diabetes you get as a kid. It’s not his fault that he got type one diabetes. Eventually his diabetes got out of control, which is also not his fault. He’s old, so it was back in the time without regular insulin tests and constant insulin pumps.

First, he had kidney failure. He eventually got a match and a relative willing to give up a kidney for him. Then, he had heart failure. He had to wait for a heart transplant until he could have a kidney transplant.

I asked, “What do you do to stay healthy?” and he said, “Happiness is the best health.”

… okay

He was more concerned with my donor’s family than my story, which I thought was different.

I mean, the patient’s story is so interesting! But then I realized he was from Donate Life and was trying to sign up Organ Donors.

Anyways, I have his number now. I might text him to see how I can get this blog affiliated with Donate Life.

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