December 15, 2018

Ever since my doctor appointment with the G-tube doctor (see December 12, 2018), I’ve been checking my weight.

I’m around 100 pounds, but my scale is weird.

I’ve been checking my weight in the morning and at night, and I could weigh 104 pounds at night, but 102 pounds the next morning.

I’ve also been noticing my eating patterns.

I think the problem is that I’m always constantly hungry.

I think I’m so used to hunger spasms that I’ve learned to ignore them, and they eventually go away.

When I do eat, I quickly become nauseous.

Hopefully, that’ll change.

Also, I have not started on those appetite pills yet. I want to have Stanford approve them before I start taking them.

I have 3 months to gain 10 pounds. Gotta get that extra fat.

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