October 10, 2018

Today was a PSAT testing day at my school. The PSAT is a test that prepares you for the SAT, and if you do really well on it, you can get a scholarship. This test is only offered one day a year.

I couldn’t take the test because today was my biopsy. A biopsy is an examination of tissue from the body. They poke me with a needle and remove tissue from my heart to test how much rejection I have.

Each biopsy, I’ve decreased each anesthesia dose. The less anesthesia you use, the faster you recover. This time, I wanted to try the biopsy without anesthesia. Since my recovery time was going to be short, I went to the Short Stay Unit instead of the Treatment Center. The Short Stay Unit is a unit where patients stay for a couple of hours/days. The Treatment Center takes you to the pre operation unit.

While walking to the Short Stay Unit, we bumped into one of the hospital school teachers. My mom asked her about college advice. We went to other college experts, but since my case was special they didn’t know what to do. The teacher told me there were a bunch of scholarships open to children to me, and the next time I go to Stanford to arrange an appointment with her.

During my biopsy, they inserted some “happy” juice. I was awake the entire time, but I didn’t feel pain. Just some pressure.

Afterwards, I had to lie down for an hour. Then I would walk a circle and lie down again. The nurses then checked to see whether the incision bled. We repeated that for 5 hours until the incision didn’t bleed. By the time we were discharged, it was 8 PM. With traffic, we got back home at 10.

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