October 6, 2018

Another cooking session with Victoria! Victoria is the chef that is granting my Make-A-Wish. Today we’re making salad. At Ronald McDonald house I developed a regimen:

  • Exercise at least 10 minutes walking on the treadmill
  • Ride at least 1 hour on the gym bike
  • Walk 10,000 steps (tracked by my Fitbit)
  • Eat a salad or another vegetable dish
  • Drink a protein shake

I’ve modified my schedule, but I stopped eating a salad each day. Therefore, I had Victoria help me with some salad recipes.

For our caesar salad, we first made our own croutons. We cut a French baguette into cubes, seasoned the cubes with italian herb seasoning, and tossed them with olive oil. The cubes were baked in the oven. Then a caesar dressing was made. Surprisingly there’s anchovies in a caesar dressing. Anchovies, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and mustard were blended. Finally, cut up pieces of romaine lettuce were tossed with the homemade croutons and caesar dressing. Shredded parmesan cheese and red onions were spread on top of the salad.

Next is the kale salad. Quinoa was cooked in a pot with water and curry seasoning, kale was chopped into pieces, and apples were cubed. After the quinoa was cooked, we mixed it with the kale, cubed apples, some red onions, and pecans. It was delicious.

Check Victoria out: https://www.eastbayhealthychef.com/

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