March 17, 2023 – I swam 40 laps today

I swam 40 laps today! This is the first time since my infection, actually… that’s not true. I swam 40 laps when I recovered after my infection but then my heart rate didn’t go down. It stayed at like 110 for an hour after I swam and my doctor told me to hold off on vigorous exercise until we did all testing. After my tests cam back good, I swam for 20 laps. And then like 2, maybe 3?, weeks ago I increased to 30 laps. And today I did 40 laps! And honestly – I felt fine! I also did it in 32 minutes, which means I did around 40 seconds for each lap, which is great! I’m finally getting back into my groove. My mental health is also improving.

This might sound weird, but in a way I’m grateful for this health scare. And now I realize it’s not weird, it’s a blessing. What didn’t kill me did make me stronger. I saw how fragile my life was and how grateful I am for my life. I will never take my life for granted again. It also reminded me that I need to focus on my health. No more pushing my health aside for silly pursuits like school or sex. They of course can have a part in my life but my health comes first, as it should!

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