March 7, 2023 – Visting Isa

Today my mom and I visited Isa. I have wanted to visit Isa for the longest time EVER! Isa is my model and inspiration. I recently read her book “The Power of Two: A Twin Triumph over Cystic Fibrosis” and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I love Isa because she was born in 1972, 17 years before the gene mutation that causes cystic fibrosis was discovered. At the time her and Ana’s life expectancy was 10 years and Isa is now 52. If Isa can live until 52 when she was expected to live until 10, then I can also live a long life.

What inspires me so much about Isa and Ana’s story is that they not only survived with CF, they also thrived. I couldn’t have picked up this book at a better time because the same questions the book asks I’ve also been circulating in my head. How long do I have? Will this be forever? How do I deal with pain? Am I strong enough?

The strength that Isa and Ana have amazes me. I hope that I can have their wisdom and strength one day. I made Isa paper cranes because Isa currently has cancer. Cancer killed Ana in 2013 and I can’t imagine how Isa is feeling. I watched the TED talk Isa gave after Ana died and she said losing Ana was “the toughest battle of her life.” I was a little nervous to ask, but I did. I asked how Isa got through it and she said her husband Andrew, her friends, and art.

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