March 1, 2021 – Starting Lisinopril

My new hematology doctor wants me to start lisinopril, a medication to treat high blood pressure. I think it’s something about my ace inhibitors or a level being low. I’ll be taking 5mg lisinopril in the evening and reducing my diltiazem level to 60mg in the morning. Of course, I’m always anxious when starting new meds, but hopefully everything goes well!

Update: Because my blood pressure is low, we don’t need the diltiazem as lisinopril already lowers blood pressure. Also, since diltiazem raises the prograf level, the prograf level will drop when we take off diltiazem.

We’re switching the Envarsus to 3pm, because I can’t do blood draws at 8:45 am Monday and Thursday before class. Monday and Thursday because I can tell Lena on Tuesday and Friday what the results are.

Blood pressures need to be recorded because they’re going to be closely monitored.

  • record blood pressure in the morning and evening
  • blood draws on Monday and Thursday
  • Envarsus take at 3pm
  • Lisinopril replace diltiazem in the morning

It’s a lot.

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