Mother’s Dream

Today, we received text message from Megan – Nolan’s mom. Starting with a sweet picture on Jeff’s phone, so nice Megan shared with us. It brought sweet memories of summer 2018 in RMH where Nolan under treatment. We knew Nolan had some setbacks, Megan updated his status quo. Nolan was in hospital on Christmas morning where they discovered a new brain tumor. They fought to get him back on Larotrectinib and it seems to be working really well for him. All of his symptoms have disappeared and he feels great! It has been such a long and crazy journey. Now Nolan is happy to be doing school at home and he does see a few of his friends at local park. Megan is finally able to work on cleaning out closets and doing projects around the house. For years they were travelling between home and hospitals. It is quite a luxury and feels good to be home and have this time to do these daily routines.

Here is Megan’s words about Mother’s dream

We feel confident that Nolan will get past this, it’s just taking some time. We’re working on it from many angles so hopefully we can one day be free of this whole situation!! Perhaps Nolan will go on to inspire or help others to overcome cancer one day. Who knows. As long as you guys are healthy, happy and doing something that feels meaningful and brings you joy… that’s a Mother’s dream!!!

We are praying that 2021 will make up for 2020… lol

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