October 20, 2020 – 18th Birthday

Guess who can legally vote now? Me! Why? Because I’m 18!

Legally being an adult is crazy. I feel as if I’m getting older but not wiser. However, in the eyes of the law I’m actually 18. Isn’t that crazy?

I think it’s about time that I stop using my age as an accomplishment. I’ve said before that I’m blank years old and have done X, Y Z, but now it’s just petty and irrelevant. I’m still proud of what I’ve done, but age shouldn’t really be a factor.

I’ll also have to stop going to Lucile Packard soon. I have Kaiser insurance, which ends my stay at Lucile Packard abruptly and transitions me to the adult program once I turn 18. The letter they sent me says I have until July, though.

Yesterday I had a mini freak out over turning 18, which did not help with my mom’s rambling about finances. I think that I’ll have time to freak out later, but my parents are still fine with me living in their house and not kicking me out, so that’s a plus.

Was turning 18 as exciting as I though it’d be? No. Am I really okay with getting older? Not really, but I don’t have much of a choice. Would I rather be under 18? No, because I have so much freedom now! Considering all the responsibilities being an adult carries, I feel (at least right now) it’s so much better than being a child. Numero uno makes their own decisions [terms and conditions apply].

Happy Birthday to me 🥳

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