May 29, 2020 – I’ve graduated!

I have some really exciting stuff to share… I’ve graduated! I know it’s crazy, but I’ve graduated from high school, and one year early too! Ever since the start of the coronavirus, I’ve transferred to James Madison High School, an online high school. James Madison High School is self paced, which means they give you the option to work as slow or as fast as you want.

When I have an opportunity in front of me, I never let it pass. I made the decision to accelerate through my classes and did! I’m really proud of myself for graduating a year early, because it means more time for my bachelor’s degree!

Because of the coronavirus, I’ve decided not to go to a four-year university. It’s just not worth paying full tuition for online classes. Instead, I’m going to save money and start at community college. My plan is to stay at community college for a year, and then transfer to university for Fall 2021.

As for the graduation ceremony, James Madison High School has one planned for September. Again, I’m not going (immunocompromised here). It’s alright, since the graduation ceremony isn’t that important to me anyway. 

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