October 29, 2019 – Maybe I’ll Start Running

Hi, so this isn’t really a heart transplant thing, but I thought I might share this because it’s fun. Today I met my mom’s running group.

My mom told me that it was important to come because I might join the group. I’m not jumping up and down to start running. I know I was at the beginning of my heart transplant, but I don’t feel the need anymore. I’m already exercising really well.

I’ve never really had a positive connotation towards running. I’ve only ran the miles in PE (while my heart was damaged), and that was a HORRIBLE experience.

But anyways I met them, and as they went around sharing their stories I began to change my mind. Even though I’m not part of their group, I wanted to speak up and say I might be joining them.

The coach seems to really like me. My mom has been communicating with her about my journey, and she said my transition was amazing. 

I hope they have a 5k or 10k training, because I don’t know if I can handle a half-marathon training. 

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