October 16, 2019 – Hanging out with Beth from Make-A-Wish

Guys, can I tell you how awesome Beth is? We met Beth on August 9, 2018. She’s the director of Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area. In fact, she’s the one that introduced my cookbook.

Today my mom and I decided to meet with Beth. Since today’s PSAT schedule, I have the entire morning open to myself. 

Beth is retiring. Woohoo! I am so excited for her next step. I understand she’s a little uneasy, but I believe in her. She pondered over it and made her final decision, and I support her. 

We met at Oakland. More specifically, at a coffeehouse called Modern Coffee. There are apparently 3 Modern Coffees in Oakland. My mom dropped me off at the wrong Modern Coffee (which I gave her directions her to), and I had to walk 15 minutes to get to the other Modern Coffee. My mom already met Beth by the time I arrived.

We talked a lot about my future. About my college, I’d want someplace in a city. Not in California. Beth told me education is extremely important. I have to get a college degree. About my job, you’d think I’d know what job I could do. But advocacy doesn’t pay the bills. Beth said I could always work at Make-A-Wish. In fact one of her coworkers was a wish child. 

I said I would be going to the conference in Phoenix. The national Make-A-Wish conference is  held in Phoenix, Arizona (where their national headquarters are), and this year yours truly was invited to speak. Beth said to have fun, and I for sure will!

We talked about Beth. Of course I can’t write it down and share it with you (it’s her personal stuff), but she did recommend to my mom for her to shelter foster children.  I mean since I’m going to go to college, my mom might have some time. She can fill that empty hole with foster children.


I had to get back. Thankfully there was that PSAT schedule, and there was *shrug* no use in taking it. I had to go back to math class. My classmate saw I posted a picture of Beth and I on social media and asked me how was it. I said “good.”

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