August 29, 2019 – Filming with Ivanhoe

Today I filmed with Ivanhoe Broadcast News. Ivanhoe Broadcast News is a news station that provides medical and health news to network affiliates (ABC/NBC/CBS) around the country. The segments run 1-1.5 minutes and usually air on local stations a few months after filming takes place.

My mom cleaned up the house a few hours before they arrived. We were expecting them to arrive about 7~8 PM, but they arrived at 9 PM. I can understand, because the traffic from Palo Alto (Lucile Packard at Stanford) to Pleansanton is insane.

They set up in the living room. I watched as they pulled out the lights, reflectors, and cameras all for a simple interview. 

As usual, they had me go in front of the camera and say my name, and then they started asking me their questions.

I always make sure to emphasize how much I appreciated my donor, how important is to be an organ donor, and how easy it is to register to be a donor.

It’s so important that people register to become organ donors. The matter of the fact is, the people who sign up to be organ donors will likely never even become organ donors. You have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning than becoming an organ donor. 

My mom went after me. She had some really touching stories about myself in the hospital, and I always appreciate how much she’s done for me.

We shot b-roll (background shots) in the kitchen. My mom and I cooked my signature chow-mein recipe while they filmed. Later we shot our second b-roll in my bedroom working on my blog.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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