August 26, 2019 – “Mr. Peterson”

What I love about my schedule this year is that I have the same teacher I had in ninth grade. 

I’ll call him Mr. Peterson. Mr. Peterson was my biology teacher in ninth grade, so he saw the craziness that happened that year. If you don’t know, ninth grade was when I returned into chronic heart failure.

He remembers how I sporadically missed chunks of school. I remember dragging my backpack to the ER because I was so dedicated with keeping up my grades. 

I saw the emails my school counselor sent out after I got out of surgery. Mr. Peterson said I didn’t need to take the final because I “would get an A on it anyway.” I think his email is what set off the chain of emails from my other teachers saying I didn’t need to take the final.

Right after school started last year (sophomore year/10th grade) I visited him to say hi and tell him I was healthy and okay.

Although I already completed Biology, I’m on the biomedical sciences pathway in my school so I’m taking the second course and Mr. Peterson happened to be my teacher. 

I’m excited for this year. I have a feeling it’s going to be different from the other years. 

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