Danica Marlo Rose

General Questions

How old are you?


Where are you from?



What was your transplant?

Kidney, recieved March 24, 2014

What was your condition that led to the transplant?

Doctors don’t know how she got it.

What was life like before transplant?

It was tough for me because I didn’t really eat enough and my mom was worried about me since I was getting really skinny. I would get really nauseous.

Danica threw up in class and her classmates laughed at her. One girl stood up for her; Danica told that girl people were jealous of Danica for not doing P.E.

How long did you wait for your transplant?

1 year and 3½ months

How was the road to recovery?

I remember being really tired and really hungry. My grandpa came in and asked if he could buy me anything and I said Taco Bell.

Overall, she said it was easy.

What can you do now after transplant?

Well I mean there are certain things I couldn’t do but now can do

  • swimming
  • dancing
  • hula-hooping

I felt like it [transplant] changed my life because I’m really mature for my age as teachers have told me.

What are you most excited about after being healthy?

I know that there is a lot of stuff but I know that my medications might not work and that scares me.

She looks on the bright side and likes being more active.


Do you know your donor?

Yes, it was her uncle

Was it a male or a female? How old were they?

Male. Mid 20s (24)

Why did he decide to donate?

He had to give me his kidney so I could have another chance at life.

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