Braylin Soon

General Questions

How old are you?


Where are you from?

Portland, Oregon


What was your transplant?

liver, received May 30, 2014, when she was 8

What was your condition that led to the transplant?

autoimmune hepatitis

What was life like before transplant?

A lot like I was now, but I was happier

How long did you wait for your transplant?

2 weeks

How was the road to recovery?

It was very easy. I don’t remember exactly how long I was at the Ronald McDonald House but it was at least 2 weeks. They did a lot of stuff to make sure I didn’t break down or anything. My parents made sure I didn’t go back into rejection.

What can you do now after transplant?

I can do lots of things, but I can not do a lot of things. A lot of jobs I can’t do: I can’t be a police officer, I can’t even be in the science department of the police.

What are you most excited about after being healthy?

I am most excited to live my life. So far I haven’t had any major health complications, and I’m really healthy. So I’m excited that I can do anything in the future.


Do you know your donor?


Was it a male or a female? How old were they?

Female, 6.

Do you want to know your donor family?

Yes, very badly.

Because I want to know why they donated their daughter’s organs and see if they also donated their heart, kidneys, or other organs and thank them for not letting me die.

What do you do to celebrate on your transplant date?

A lot… dinner. A very good dinner. We do a really nice dinner and then a yearly post on Facebook.

What would you say to someone considering to be an organ donor?

Do it because it saves lives, literally. And it’s a good thing to do. Giving someone your organ is really awesome.

Did you give your liver a persona?

I call my scar my mustache. My drain tube is my second belly button.

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