(AJ) Alejandro Avila

General Questions

How old are you?


Where are you from?



He was 6 months old when he recieved the transplant.

What was your transplant?


What was your condition that led to the transplant?

Biliari Atresia

What was life like before transplant?

My skin was really pale and greenish and my eyes were yellow.

How long did you wait for your transplant?

From what I know, there was this grey area… If I could guess, I’d say a week or two.

How was the road to recovery?

Road to recovery was hard for my mom, because she didn’t know what I was like… She had to make a really gross dish, and I had to eat it and it was hard for her.

What can you do now after transplant?

Idk, I can’t eat red meat now.

What are you most excited about after being healthy?

I don’t know what normal is.


Do you know your donor?

Yes, I know his name was Chris.

Was it a male or a female? How old were they?

Male. 19.

How did they die?

He passed in a truck incident.

Who decided to be an organ donor? Their family or the donor themselves?

Chris decided.

Did you meet their family?

I met one of them.

What was that like?

She was nice.

What would you say to people considering to be an organ donor?

You’re helping people not die.

Alejandro is not scared about the future and is pretty happy with his life.

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