June 18, 2019 – Meet with Izzy

Today I hung out with Izzy. I met Izzy at the transplant reunion party last year (August 11, 2018). Since then, we’ve become friends. 

She’s also a heart transplant recipient. Not only is she younger than me, but she’s also more active than me. She does gymnastics, volleyball, and track. 

We met at Denica’s Real Food Kitchen, which is a cafe that does a lot of brunch stuff. Since I wanted to be pseudo-healthy, I got a salad. 

We talked a lot. Izzy’s medications have significantly reduced since her transplant. On top of that, she’s always being active and has almost never been sick. She’s always careful in school.

If she’s at a playdate or sleepover, she makes sure to grab her medication or have her mom bring her meds. So she’s very responsible.

We also talked about my driver’s license and college. I’m in SAT Prep class right now and it sucks. It takes up all my time and I can’t even update my blog.

For my driver’s license, I’m pretty lazy about driver’s ed so at this point I’m just going to wait until I’m 18 to get my permit.

It was a pretty good day meeting Izzy again. She asked me if I’m going to go to transplant camp, and I said I would. She said it’s a lot of fun, and that it’d really be great.

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