Last Day of School – May 31, 2019

Today was the last day of school, and it couldn’t have gone better. I officially survived my sophomore year (10th grade) of High School!

I did fine academically this year, which is unexpected. Another thing surprising is how well I adjusted back into life.

This school year was different from all the other school years because of my heart transplant. A year ago, I was picking brochures for my online High School. I was preparing to start my sophomore year online.

I think my most significant accomplishment of this year was my success. I not only survived, but I also thrived.

In a year, I started a blog, released a cookbook, and developed healthy habits that’ll guide me for the rest of my life.

If I can do all of that within a year, who knows what will occur during the next year?

I have dreams, but for the first time, my dreams seem attainable. I’m so close to my goals that I can feel my fingertips barely grazing them.

As my English teacher said, “I’m expecting great things from you.”

This is only the beginning. The beginning of what? I don’t know. Whatever IT is, it’s going to be great.

Look out world, Justin Wang is coming!

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