April 23, 2019 – They Can’t Come

Okay, everything is going downhill.

The cookbook release will be on April 30, 2019, which is exactly a week from now. 

Lena (pseudonym) told me, “Hey, my parents will just drive me to Palo Alto after school” and I was like, “Sure, go ahead”  but she left TODAY.

She left a week early.

Now her parents are mad at her, and told her “you can’t go anymore”, which is a bust.

That’s fine, but then Sammie and Alexa called later, and said, “My cheer coach called us and said, if you miss April 30, you’ll be automatically disqualified from the team.”

So now they can’t come.

Okay, I’m down to two people coming: Kina & Ray.

Hahaha, this is great.

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