April 17, 2019 – A Setback

Oops. We have to leave during block.

Let me explain: Beth called me a week ago and said, “You have to leave at two,” and I tried to protest but she insisted on it.

Then I told Kina, Ray, Sammie, and Alexa but they were all fine with it. Ray has PE during sixth period; Sammie, Alexa, Kina, and I have the same class during sixth period and that class is very easy.

Then today, someone told me April 30, 2019, would be a block schedule day. What that means is that we would have to leave during fifth period instead of sixth.

I talked to Ray, Kina, Sammie, and Alexa if they were fine with this and I got mixed responses. 

Alexa is fine with this because ASL is also a nonsense class. Kina has History while Ray has Physics, but they’re fine missing it for me. However, Sammie has Math and she really doesn’t want to miss it.

I wrote to her, “hey, please come!” and she said “okay!”, so we’re all fine now.

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