March 13, 2019

Daylight savings returned on Sunday, and the clock is turned an hour forward. The sun shines brighter when I walk to school, and that means I should start reapplying sunscreen onto my face.

After a heart transplant, you’re at a higher risk for skin cancer with exposure to the sun, and that means… cancer. I’ve had enough of hospital stuff, and I think it’d be pretty dumb going back to the hospital infected with a preventable disease.

In the fall I got away with hiding the sun from my face with a hoodie, but now that won’t cut it. I got lazy with applying sunscreen because it also hurts. I try really hard to keep the sunscreen out of my eyes, but it always seems to get inside there, and my eyes will hurt for the rest of the day.

However, skin cancer is no light deal, so I just gotta suck it and deal with it. It’s okay, skin cancer would be really bad, so I don’t want that. Also, I’ve added a sunscreen stick in my backpack for when the 80 minutes run out.

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