January 17, 2019

I didn’t go to school today. Since yesterday was my biopsy day, I decided to take a day off to heal.

Usually I don’t miss school. Even after biopsies, I go to school the day after. One time I went to school the day after a biopsy, and my incision site started to bleed while I was taking a Chemistry test. I didn’t say anything about the bleeding because I really wanted to finish the Chemistry test.

Another example is last year. Last year when I was in the hospital for leg pain, I begged my doctors to let me go back to school after one month. Instead, they made me be homeschooled for two months.

The reason I hate missing school isn’t because I have a great time at school or all my friends are there, it’s because when I miss school it stresses me out. I not only have to make up homework, but also schoolwork. That’s double, sometimes triple, the amount I have to do.

So why did I choose to stay at home today?

I guess I choose to stay at home today because I just felt like it. 🤷‍♂️

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