January 15, 2019

Beth from Make-A-Wish called me today.

She announced to me that the cookbook is almost done, and that it’ll be published in April.

She told me that my video made her cry. To quote from Beth: “You hear it from the wish kids all the time, but seeing and reading about it gets to you.” She also said that this blog made her feel famous. 😂

Beth published my video onto the Make-A-Wish website. Or was it the Make-A-Wish Facebook Page? Whatever. It was Make-A-Wish something.

Beth asked me what my plans were with the cookbook. Do we host a cooking show at the Ronald McDonald House and pass out the cookbook to everyone there? Do we sell the cookbooks online and donate the proceeds to charity?

I said hosting a cooking show sounds pretty cool.

Beth asked me about how we’re going to do the cooking show. Who cooks? I’m going to talk, but am I going to talk and cook simultaneously?

I said that My Mom and Beth could cook, and I could talk while they’re cooking.

Beth also asked me what other organizations I wanted to partner with. I told her Donate Life. If you read my How To Be An Organ Donor Page, you’ll see that I reference Donate Life as where to register as an organ donor.

Donate Life is the biggest organ donation network in America. Well, next to UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing).

Beth told me that was a LITTLE too big. But, I mean, Make-A-Wish is pretty big too, right?

I told her partnering with The Pink Dot Club would also be pretty cool. The Pink Dot Club is affiliated with Donate Life.

Beth told me that she would contact the Ronald McDonald House, and I could work on contacting Donate Life.

A last thing: Beth organized a cooking show for us at the Macy’s on Union Square San Francisco in April of the day of national wish day. Sounds cool!

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