January 10, 2019

Someone from my school’s yearbook team interviewed me today.

Her name is Arushi Avachat. She was, like, super professional. She’d make an awesome journalist.

My school will include me in their yearbook. Woohoo! They’ll give me two pages about my heart transplant and my blog.

I met Arushi during study hall. Study hall is pretty new to my school, and it’s kinda meh.

First she asked me questions about my condition, and what led to my heart transplant (If you also want to know visit About Me). Then she asked me questions about my blog. Who do I hope to reach, what is my message, and why I did it.

I think a question that caught me off guard was when Arushi asked me what I wanted people to know about me.

I answered that I wanted people to know that there was more to me than my heart transplant.

But is that true?

I mean, what other qualities do I have other than as someone who had a heart transplant? Other than my heart transplant, how exactly am I unique?

In the hospital before my heart transplant, I met other people and their only defining trait was their condition. I was afraid of becoming one of them, and guess what? I’m one of them.

I think that scares me. My life revolved around my heart transplant, and it still does.

I literally have a blog about it!

How do I move on?

Should I move on?

Oh! A fun fact! I didn’t write all these journal entries at their assigned date. I was WAY too uncomfortable in the hospital to write anything. However, my Mom took tons of pictures, so I just went back to the pictures to remember every thought, memory, and feeling.

It’s actually great that my blog will be in the yearbook. I really need exposure. I think the most views I got in a day so far was 8.

So yeah.

Woohoo! Yearbook!

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