November 10, 2018

Today is another cooking day with Victoria. Victoria is the chef granting my Make-A-Wish (see August 9, 2018). My Make-A-Wish is to create a cookbook. Last week was actually supposed to be my last cooking session, but she decided to give me another for my birthday (see October 20, 2018) present.

We did two kinds of Alfredo today. The first type of Alfredo was a chicken fettuccine alfredo, and the second was a chicken fettuccine alfredo with mushrooms and tomatoes.

We prepared the ingredients by slicing chicken breasts into strips, thinly slicing mushrooms, dicing onions, dicing tomatoes, and mincing garlic. We sauteed diced onions in a pan with a little olive oil. When the onion was translucent, we added the chicken breast strips and minced garlic. We let the chicken sit, and after the chicken was cooked we dumped half of the mixture into another pan.

In the first pan we added garlic powder and salt, then let it simmer.

In the second pan we added the diced tomatoes and sliced mushrooms. We also added garlic powder and salt. We continuously stirred the mixture until the released mushroom juices were evaporated.

In a large pot we added 3 cups of half & half and 3 cups of chicken broth. We added fettuccine when the mixture came to a boil. We used a whole package of fettuccine (16 oz). The fettuccine absorbs the mixture, therefore it reduces; the starch released by the fettuccine thickens the mixture, making it a sauce.


When the fettuccine was Al dente, we separated the noodle in half for each pan. The noodles were combined with the pans ingredients, and that’s it!

Today is my last cooking session with Victoria. I already chose what recipes we made to include in the cookbook. Victoria will take those recipes and write them. When Victoria is finished writing those recipes, she’ll email them to my Mom and I, and we’ll try to recreate them. Victoria and I will meet again in December to format the cookbook.

Check out Victoria:

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