October 21, 2018

Today I cooked with Victoria, the chef from Make-A-Wish. She brought a bunch of ingredients: chicken breast, thai basil, coconut milk, coriander, lemongrass, tofu, etc. We made Thai Basil Fried Rice and Tofu in Thai Green Curry.

For Thai Basil Fried Rice we marinate the chicken we cubed in soy sauce. Subsequently we fried the chicken in a pan. After the chicken was thoroughly cooked we added cooked brown rice. We added some sesame oil and soy sauce. Lastly, we added the Thai Basil, but only let it wilt for 30 seconds.

For the Tofu in Thai Green Curry, we made a green curry paste. For the green curry paste we added thai basil, roasted coriander, cilantro, coconut milk, shrimp paste, and lemongrass in a blender. After the paste was blended we added it to coconut milk that was being heated in a pan. After combining the coconut milk and paste together, we dropped tofu cubes into the mixture and incorporated it.


I talked to Victoria after cooking. Victoria says she loves working for herself. She wants to focus on those with physical disabilities so they can be healthier. Maybe in the future, she volunteer in a hospital and cook for them.

Check her out here: https://www.eastbayhealthychef.com/

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